Did you know? Once the female cassowary lays her eggs, she leaves the male to tend the nest and to raise their chicks!

Fauna of the Daintree Rainforest

The wet tropical rainforests of North-East Qld contain the richest fauna in Australia. This region represents little more than 0.1% of the area of Australia, but contains:

  • 30% of Australia’s frog, marsupial and reptile species
  • 65% of Australia’s bat and butterfly species
  • 20% of Australia’s bird species

There are 70 animals endemic in North East Queensland!

One of the iconic species of the Daintree is the endangered Cassowary. And if you are very lucky you might spot one of these giant flightless birds while visiting the Daintree Discovery Centre. They can often be seen strolling along McLean’s Creek in search of food. However, cassowaries tend to be shy and their dark plumage makes them difficult to see unless they are on the move.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is part of a natural Cassowary Corridor and as committed conservationists we are dedicated to preserving these wildlife corridors by:

  • maintaining the rainforest canopy
  • not removing trees and not using rainforest timbers
  • providing elevated walkways so people don’t damage the fragile root systems
  • educating people about the importance of protecting the natural environment

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes

Striped Possum

Striped Possum usually seen at night

Beneath the rainforest canopy you can find all sorts of interesting things; delicate striped possums, thousands of tiny bats, spectacular lizards, amazing frogs, colourful butterflies and a multitude of insects.

But many things, particularly birds and animals are well camouflaged and often hard to see. So be patient, take your time and you might be surprised at what you can discover!

Entry Fees

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Child: AUD$16.00 (5 - 17 years)
Family: AUD$78.00 (2Ad & 2 Chd)
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